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My Courses Page

You can begin or resume a course by clicking the “View Course” or “Resume Course” button for the intended course.
As each course is successfully completed, an OSC card will be generated and mailed to the address shown on your account.

If you DID NOT FILL OUT A FORM WITH YOUR ADDRESS or need to edit your account information, click the button below. You will NOT receive a certification card if we do not have an address for your account.

If you need to order a replacement certification card, click the button below.

To resume a course you have already started you have two options:

1. Click the “Resume Course” button and it will take you to the last slide you were on before leaving the course.
2. Click the picture of the heavy equipment associated with the course you intend to resume. After beginning the course you can then click “Next Session” until you reach the point in the course you were last at

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