Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to create an account. Then you can purchase a course and it will show up in your student account to begin your course

Yes, this is where the Certification Card will be sent

No, you must log in to access any personal information

No, it is important that you do not purchase the same course twice. You will be charged, but not able to take the course a second time until the current course has expired

Yes, go to your student account page and click “Replacement Card”. Fill out the form and submit it to OSC and we will verify your information and send you a link to purchase your new card. The purchase price is $24.95

No, the OSC Certification only satisfies the classroom requirement for OSHA. The practical or hands on instructions are still required to meet OSHA standards for forklift training

3 years from the completion date

Yes, go to your Student account page and click on the Certificate icon under your registered courses

No, as a Group Access Leader you may only purchase multiple seats for the one titled course during one transaction. This is how courses are tracked and managed which allows you as an Account Manager/Leader to manage your groups.

Stripe/Transfer – Homeland Enterprises

There are no areas of safety that can be omitted or allowed to go unchecked.

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